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In Type7, you take command of a German Type 7 U-boat during WWII.

It’s 1939. You possess authentic weapons and technology in a thrilling fog-of-war experience where every decision you take may be your last. A system of rotatable discs defines your encounters with the enemy by storing all the data and reactions.

While levelling up your crew and upgrading your shop in every mission, you fight to stay alive and to fulfill your secret missions. A 63 cm long wooden U-boat is used to store torpedoes and fuel during the game. The deck gun’s shells are stored in a 20-round magazine. All game tokens are laser cut and engraved. Precision-cut wood components sets you back in time and deep under the surface of the ocean. You can call a wolfpack to support you or dive deep to avoid attacks while risking that the pressure may crack your hull any second.
This game delivers a realistic, intense and brutal atmosphere and even includes a experienced-player game mode, a solitaire single player and a co-op mode for 2 players. 

Comes with a 63 cm long wooden U-boat  
Choose your U-boat’s course and decide which zones you want to reach or avoid
Harvest victory points and use them to level up your crew and buy new technology and ship systems
Play solitaire or co-op
 Decide to set Schleichfahrt (“Silent running”) mode or go for a “Deep dive”, risking a hull breach, to flee from your enemies 
Order a supply drop via radio transmission or use your radio to call an airstrike or summon a wolfpack of submarines to attack larger convoys
Try to identify your enemies without getting noticed
 Spend extra fuel to follow and stalk your prey, allowing you to attack in other weather or daytime conditions 
 Receive and record different kinds of damage, including fire on board, jammed weapons or ammunition, broken ballast tanks, wounded crew members and many more 
Deal with your crew’s panic level, which you can influence as a commander
Support a squad team trying to accomplish secret missions on land or sea
 Attack enemies in surfaced state with your deck gun and use your flak to fight against attacking airplanes or attack with torpedoes even if submerged 
Locate your enemies by Sound detection, or try to spot them using lookouts or periscope
Load or unload torpedoes. Choose between different torpedoes and torpedo warheads and assemble wooden torpedoes to visibly represent torpedo type
Try not to trigger the enemies’ alert level too early and attack at the right moment to deal the most damage before being attacked
Accidentally attack `ghosts’ which are false contacts, disappearing after being seen or attacked. You might even accidentally detect a whale as a target!
Avoid sea mines
Eliminate your enemies before they can call for support
Historically, the war ended in 1945 and Germany was defeated. But in Type 7 a successful player can even confront the U.S. Pacific Fleet and cause so much damage that the war is extended. New technologies can come into play during the campaign ending in an alternative-history outcome

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 2500 g

Publishing Year 2021
Alter ab 14 Jahren
Sprache Englisch
Playing Time ca. 60 Minuten
Spieleranzahl für 1 bis 2 Spieler
EAN unbekannt
Verlag 3dartlab


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